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"D&D" Wire Industrial and Trading Co. Ltd. and its predecessors have been manufacturing steel wire products since their foundation in 1912. During the plant's close to a hundred years operation the aims of the professionals working here were to give high level service to meet their customers' demands, manufacture modern products, and operate economically. Market positions could be maintained and continuously expanded only by the implementation of continuous product, technology and equipment development. By today D&D became the major high-strength steel wire product manufacturer in Central-Eastern Europe.

Main products of D&D:
- Cold-drawn steel prestressing wires
- Cold-drawn stabilized prestressing wires
- Stabilized high-strength prestressing strands
- Steel wire fibres

The products of the plant are mainly used in the building industry. Prestressing wires and strands are built in reinforced concrete structures where big span have to be bridged and enormous load bearing is required. (Bridges, water-bar, motorway structures, reinforced concrete structures, filler material for beams).
Steel wire fibres are built into industrial floors and reinforced concrete shell structures to increase the strength, resistance to vibration and toughness of reinforced concrete structures.

The privatization in 1994 was the beginning of an era characterised by significant development activities and followed by a massive capital increase which resulted in the plant becoming a joint-stock company. D&D operates as a privately owned Joint-Stock Company since June 2006.
The company achieved its results by continuous developments and the constant rationalization of the manufacturing profile. The production of many 'conventional' but uneconomically produced products has come to an end (welded nets, galvanized wires, non-ferrous metal cables, stranded wires) while in case of other products (tensioning wires and strands, steel wire fibres) billions of HUF were spent to achieve product-, technology- and manufacturing assets development. Modern machinery is now coupled with several decades of manufacturing experience, the application of modern production technologies and the availability of well-skilled human resources. The manufacturing capacity of the company of the products listed above exceeds now 100 thousand tons. 80% of the products are exported.
D&D had the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmentally focused management system certified, and operates them as an integrated system. The company proves its commitment to the production of high-quality products and to observe the aspects of environment protection as much as possible by operating the integrated system.
As a result of current and recent developments the image of the company, the opinion of the market, and the role achieved on the domestic market and abroad have completely and favourably changed. D&D became the biggest prestressing wire manufacturer in Eastern Europe; it is able to compete with almost all significant European producers of prestressing wire and strand. Its products are produced in the required quality, in compliance with leading international standards.
Supports obtained through tenders from the resources of the National Development Plan and The New Hungary Development Plan play an important role in the financing of the already implemented and planned developments as well.