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Prestressing wire

The wire-drawing procedure is carried out on modern, high capacity serial drawing machines.

We can produce the cold drawn wires in two types of stripping; in coils or reeled onto spools.

The pre-drawn wires are reeled on spools before moving them to the next stage of processing: stabilising.

The objective during the wire-drawing procedure is to continue the reduction of the cross section of the rolled wire in several stages while increasing its strength parameters. This processing procedure is performed by modern, high capacity serial drawing machines. The drawn wires of high strength are reeled on spools before moving them to the following stage of processing. Stabilization actually means the simultaneous thermomechanical treatment of the cold drawn wire, of which the aim is the reduction of tensions generated in the wire during the cold drawing process in order to increase strength parameters and improve relaxation. The required stretching force is ensured by single stage drawing, after which the wire directly passes through
profiling rolls. The heat necessary for the heat treatment is induced directly in the wire by a high frequency induction furnace. The ready made stabilised wire is bundled on collecting trays.