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Application of prestressing wires and strands
Application of steel wire fibres



Application of prestressing wires and strands

In case of pre-stressed structures wires and strands are stressed with specified force and put into fresh concrete before the concreting procedure. After hardening of concrete we get a pre-stressed concrete structure with excellent load-bearing features as a result of the bonds between prestressing steels and solid concrete.

Such structural units are:

  • hollow-core slabs
  • beam bridges
  • lintels
  • railway sleepers
  • piles

The same procedure is used in case of ground anchoring systems which means that high tensile strength of prestressing steels that are put deeply into the ground, rock and filled with cement mortar is exploited. In case of post-tensioned structural units concrete constructions that are ready but not yet loadable are made to be capable to bear loading by post-built-in prestressing steels.

The post-tensioned procedure is applied mainly in case of bridges, slabs, big load-bearing structures, barrels for liquids and building of storage bins.